WRITING – PK/Kindergarten Curriculum Guide


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The daily doings of a teacher are growing every year! Let this day-by-day curriculum guide relieve the Language Arts part of the stress by providing a scope and sequence, lesson plans, state alignment, activities, and even motivation to help you navigate through the school year in reading and writing. Although the guides are highly comprehensive, you probably have some of your favorite lessons that you use to teach theme, summarization, idea development, introductions, conclusions, editing, revising, and more. With our hole-punched arrangement, keep your amazing lessons and simply insert them when that concept appears in the sequence. The unique hole-punched design also allows for rearrangement if your school or district implements a different scope and sequence. The essential concepts remain intact, all the while providing the freedom to place them in the order that best fits your needs.

Add-ons such as our weekly subscription service and our ancillary books provide the perfect combination of curriculum and fun to your classroom!

With three additional correlated interACTIVE lessons, PowerPoint shows, and rubrics, the weekly subscriptions for written compositions, editing, and revising truly enhance the daily plans contained within the 800 page curriculum guide! Receive the new activities the week BEFORE they’re needed to follow along with the scope and sequence of the curriculum guides.

As years pass or particular learning needs arise in your classroom, our ancillary books are ready to provide added variety of our important concepts. These easy to read books are the answer for small tutorial groups designed with differentiated learning in mind. ELAR parent nights, tutorial groups, or reaching ahead for learning enrichment are all on the list of beneficiaries of our 40 ancillary book library for reading and writing!


Activities included in the PK/Kindergarten Writing Curriculum Guide:


Editing Activities:

Hoops- Singular and Plural Nouns

Went Is Gone- Understanding Verb Tense

Weather Matching- A Whole Brain Look at Parts of Speech


Revising Activities:

Orders Up!- Capitalization Exploration

Placing Punctuation

Sentence Scramble- A Look at Sentence Structure


Composition Activities:

Writing Process Go Hunt

Express Your Voice- The Emotional Heartbeat of a Composition

Funnel It Down- Writing Expository Introductions



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